Thank you for your order and your trust in our company.
Use the products with pleasure, because they are made by the caring hands of our master who puts his soul into his work. Delight guests with professional service and increase profits with our services, and we will do our best to provide maximum service.

I would appreciate any feedback on cooperation. Thanks to your feedback, we are getting better. In addition, we are always ready to provide technical support for any issues related to tea service. We will be happy to answer any questions 24 hours a day

I will personally make sure that the next order is completed even faster, more efficiently and brings even more pleasant impressions. We do it for you as for ourselves.

Roman Kretsu
Personal guarantee of quality from the head of GLINA company,
Roman Lao Kretsu
GLINA provides a guarantee for all products of its own production.
We guarantee free replacement of damaged products and will gladly make new replacement products for you if:
  • the item was broken during transport and the buyer examined the item in detail upon receipt, but not later. In this case, we will change the product for you free of charge and make a claim for the transport
  • the product turned out to be defective (after the first use, deep cracks appeared, other types of defects, the product leaked, etc.). You will need detailed photos and videos in good lighting. Important: small "cobwebs" on the glaze surface may appear over time, this is not a defect if it does not affect the use of the product
  • the product has been damaged in operation for no apparent reason, without external influence, provided that the instructions are followed. You will need detailed photos and videos in good lighting.

  1. Вы должны проверить товар на наличие повреждений в течение 5 дней с момента получения заказа!
  2. Если у вашего покупателя возникли проблемы с чашей и ее необходимо заменить, сначала он обращается к вам, после чего вы связываетесь с нами для решения проблемы.
You can always contact us for any difficulties in working with our products, and we will do our best to help you solve the problem.

We will provide maximum service and answer all questions 24 hours a day.
Important! Following these simple rules and guidelines can significantly extend the life of your cookware and wood products!
Sales department:
Working hours:
Moday-Friday: from 11-00 to 20-00
Sat, Sun: weekend, responsible for receipt of applications and questions
Checkout on the website: 24/7
Moday-Friday: from 11-00 to 20-00
St. Petersburg,
Vladimirsky prospect, 1/47 (corner of Nevsky)

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