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We produce and sell handmade bowls from the availability (wholesale)
We accept orders for the production of bowls with individual branding to order
We make dishes and wooden products for serving tea and coffee with branding to order
Since 2012 we produce clay and wood products:
Look at the photos of the products produced by us for wholesale and with individual branding to order
Partner Program UPDATES

We do everything to make it convenient to work with us, even for small customers.

Now the participants of the affiliate program receive:

  • Free delivery to the CDEK branch in YOUR CITY
  • Priority in shipments
  • The minimum order is 9 bowls instead of 16
  • The partner terms are valid for 1 month (not from the moment of payment, but from the moment of receipt of the order). Thus, by making a minimum order after receiving the delivery within 30 days, you save all the bonuses of the affiliate program.
is available to order
A new bowl from the limited collection Seasons Harmony "Winter" is already available to the participants of the affiliate program. Register and order while available!
Special conditions for Ukraine and Europe
Our production of bowls and dishes is located in Ukraine, so it is simple and easy for us to send them there. In addition, many European countries are located nearby. Therefore, we offer special prices and terms of delivery and payment when ordering from production. You can order both from the availability in production, and an individual order (subject to sending from production). You can request the current availability from our manager in WhatsApp or in Telegram.
  • Current availability
    The actual availability in production in Ukraine differs from what is presented on this site. Here is the assortment of the Russian warehouse, which is located in St. Petersburg. The actual remains of the bowls in the warehouse in Ukraine can be quickly obtained on request from the manager in WhatsApp or in Telegram.
  • Favorable prices
    If you order goods from production with delivery in Ukraine or abroad, the prices will be lower for you! We save on logistics and do not take this savings for ourselves, but we give you a discount to provide more favorable conditions.
  • Delivery
    • FREE within Ukraine (from production) to the New Post office;
    • To Europe - only within Ukraine, then the customer is engaged in logistics (but we are always ready to help as much as possible in organizing transportation. We have a partner who can officially deliver the cup to your country. The cost of delivery depends on the quantity of the goods and is specified by the carrier).
  • Payment
    • In Ukraine, payment is only made to a PrivatBank card (Ukraine).
    • Across Europe:

    - if the order is small, it is possible to pay by international transfer, for example, Western Union;

    - if the order is large, it is possible to pay in cash to a PrivatBank card or by bank transfer. You can pay from a Ukrainian legal entity to the R/S of our company in Ukraine or make a payment from a Russian legal entity to our R / S in Russia. As it is more convenient for you.

The partner program is valid only for Russia (when ordering from a Russian warehouse).
We work with stores all over the world. We have developed a profitable affiliate program for our regular partners. We were the first on the market to launch the sale of bowls "by subscription"!
To read the conditions necessary to create an account on the site.
The GLINA affiliate program is:
  • Special prices
    With a monthly minimum order, a reduced price for bowls is assigned to the partner. As a bonus, you also get a partner price for textiles from our "Smart Storage System"! To find out the terms and cost, create a personal account on the site.
  • Marketing support
    Joint holding of sweepstakes, both offline and online, to stimulate demand and increase sales. We take care of the logistics of delivering a gift to the winner.
  • Access to the base of materials for social media and for site
    Access to materials for social networks.networks (photo and video content, selling texts, audience engagement mechanics).
    Ready-made photos of products for the site with a selling description of the goods
To get into the affiliate program, you need to register on the website and make a minimum order - 16 bowls
The partner price is assigned to you when ordering every calendar month
If you miss a month of the order, then the next time you order according to the wholesale price list and automatically return to the partner program from the next order
Becoming a GLINA partner is easy
Join the affiliate program, get access to affiliate prices and make an order from online availability at any time 24/7
For establishments, we offer dishes, clay and wooden products with free application of the company logo (from 16 pcs).
You want people to talk about you
Your guests will take photos and post your dishes on the social network! A great marketing tool!
You and your guests appreciate the quality
We offer glassware and pottery (made of white chamotte clay by the hands of our master with an individual design and branding).
You want something special
We will make dishes and boards to order with branding according to your wishes (we will choose the color, shape, completeness).
It is easy to order bowls/dishes with
Create a personal account, get access to prices and make an order from the availability online 24/7 or send a request for an individual order!
Why working with GLINA is a pleasure
All clay and wood products are handcrafted on a potter's wheel.
Product quality
Clay products are made of high quality fireclay clay and covered with a glaze created according to a special recipe.
Wide assortment
We have different products for different consumers and for different segments.
Always in stock
We always have products in stock in our warehouse. Fast dispatch - 1-3 business days
Individual production
We will manufacture products according to your wishes. Production time - from 50 days.
Your logo
We will apply your logo on clay and wooden products for free-when ordering from 20 pcs.
Write to us on WhatsApp
Our manager will answer all your questions and help you place an order!
Sales department:
Working hours:
Moday-Friday: from 11-00 to 20-00
Checkout on the website: 24/7
Moday-Friday: from 11-00 to 20-00
St. Petersburg,
Vladimirsky prospect, 1/47 (corner of Nevsky)
If you are waiting for a long time for our manager's response, write to the main one - Roman Kretsu